The Situation Group Exhibition 1960

Critic and art historian Lawrence Alloway identified a number of painters and sculptors as the ‘Situation Group’ in London, circa 1960.  The importance of the abstract painters of the "Situation Group" lay in their high level of professionalism, shunning the confined principles of British art and aiming at mastery of an international tradition of abstract painting.

Alloway’s wife Sylvia Sleigh painted a group portrait The Situation Group in London in 1961, which is now in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery.  The Group took its name from an exhibition of entitled Situation, held in 1960.

The group included Robyn Denny and Bernard Cohen, whose works are included in the CNAA collection


Sylvia Sleigh, The Situation Group in London (1961), National Portrait Gallery


1. Robyn Denny (b.1930), painter;

2. Bernard Cohen (b.1933), painter and teacher.

3. Lawrence Alloway (1926–1990), theoretician and art critic; husband of the artist Sylvia Sleigh who painted this group portrait.