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This section of our website aims to provide you with supporting information and resources about the CNAA collection.

About the CNAA
An overview of the collection and its importance.

What is the CNAA?
The Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) was the largest single degree-awarding body in the United Kingdom. There were over 140 institutions offering first degrees and postgraduate level courses approved by the CNAA.

The CNAA collection: history and context
The collection was created to celebrate the history and achievements of Britain's art schools.  The collection is made up of 53 works by 25 international (mainly British) artists who worked in the UK and taught in its art schools. 

Celebrating the achievements of the Art schools: A new resource
Links and features selected by Stroud Cornock, Curator CNAA Art Collection Trust.

The Situation Group Exhibition 1960
Critic and art historian Lawrence Alloway identified a number of painters and sculptors as the ‘Situation Group’ in London, circa 1960. 

Stroud Cornock
Stroud oversaw refurbishment of the CNAA art collection. Read more about him here.

Additional resources
Links to websites, catalogues, databases and suggestions for printed material